What Are Mind-to-Mind Relationships?

The Power of Mind-to-Mind Relationships

A mind-to-mind relationship is what people sometimes refer to as a mental orgasm. During such a connection, both parties will feel exhilarated and stimulated by the other’s. This type of relationship is best described as the love of the mind, with a built-in mutual respect for each other at the mental level and beyond. People in mind-to-mind relationships are drawn to endless intellectual contemplations which are enhanced by physical attraction, that said, it’s their shared love of mental acrobats that keeps them coming back for more.

Logical and intuitive couples are always in synch, it’s as though they hear and understand each other’s inner voice without speaking. Mind-to-mind relationships can be just as electrifying as other types of relationships, such as past life bonds, soulmates, and sexually charged relationships, that said, they’re not fraught with as much drama.

People in mind-to-mind relationships don’t have to be intellectual geniuses, but they must both share the same mindset. Psychological proximity is important for the relationship’s longevity as it means there will be less conflicts. Looking at the world differently and having different values can leads to couples growing a part, so of you’re in a relationship where you feel like you and your partner are on different wavelengths, you can connect with a love guru at Social Psychics who can get your relationship back on track.

Couples with this type of mind-to-mind rapport can remain caring and supportive friends long after the end of a relationship. They are able to do this because whatever it is that brought them together is unbroken, rewarding, and fulfilling, even though the sexual passion may have gone. Lovemaking starts in the mind, arousing not only your passion, but also mutual creativity/intellectual proclivity.  This type of mental flow can lead to a psychic fusion between you and your partner, regardless of how far away you are from each other.

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