What Are the 7 Chakra Points?

Your body isn’t just a bunch of bones and muscles; it’s also home to a vibrant energy system, kind of like your personal Wi-Fi network, but instead of internet data, it’s all about your vibes. These energy hotspots are called chakras, and they’re like little whirlpools of energy that each play a unique role in keeping you

Your Destiny Is in Your Soul’s Scroll

Life follows you, life doesn’t happen to you. You’re in control of your energy field, and how you feel on a daily basis is what lies in your field of energy. Throughout your life, you’ve been attracting things based on what’s written in your soul’s scriptures. When your soul’s been wounded or you’ve felt like life has been unkind to

How Does Chakra Affect Your Love Life?

The Vedic writings state that there are several forms of relationships that we can aspire to find in our lives. These various relationship forms create a certain type of energy between couples and correspond with each of the chakras. Chakras are spiritual energy centres which align the physical body with the spiritual body