What Does the Tower Tarot Card Mean?

The Meaning of the Tower Tarot Card

The Tower tarot card reveals old/worn out structures. You may have to remove some things or people from your life, and don’t be afraid to explore the unknown because it’s potent with everything you need. Everything you have now came from the unknown, including all future acquisitions.

If you don’t get rid of the old structures in your life such as old relationships, destructive habits, and old beliefs, they may destroy you. The old structures in your life may seem very real to you because they’ve been with you for so long, but they were built on sand. These old structures were never going to stand the test of time because they weren’t built on the foundation of truth. The Tower tarot card suggests that in the midst of all the chaos, a new life will emerge for you.

To grow spiritual, you may have to give up lavish living, and live in a more simple manner for a while. While this will be hard for many people, it will be worth it if you want to get yourself and your life back in order. Don’t look back and lament about the past because you will need every bit of your energy to build your new life.

What Does the Tower Card Mean During a Reading?

During a tarot card reading, the Tower card tends to reveal that someone’s absent mindedness and indolence has brought about an unfavourable situation. They have been ignoring their soul’s intuitive message alerts, and even though they knew that things needed to change, the refused to take action. Rather than taking the long/hard road to improve their life, they’ve chosen to indulge in things that makes them feel good in the short-term, things which may harm them later on.

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