The Power of Intimacy

What Is Intimacy?

Intimacy is the imminence that comes from sharing love and everything you have to give. Intimacy is about being open, revealing all of you, and not being afraid to show all sides of you, good and bad.

Who Can Create Intimacy in Their Love Lives? 

Someone who loves themselves and is comfortable with who they are, someone who’s a happy giver, not expecting anything back in return, can experience intimacy in their relationship.

The Three Elements of a Relationship

In a relationship there are three elements, which are you, the other, and the relationship. The Relationship itself is an organic/living entity that needs to be nourished and wants to grow. When you have true intimacy in your relationship, you will find that you and your partner receive nurturing, comfort, and healing from the trinity of this union—some even refer to this a true relationship magic.

If you want to receive this type of celestial gift in your relationship, you must be prepared to give from an unselfish place. You must be self-full, filling up on higher vibrations and checking your emotional frequency throughout the day using your internal navigation system (IGS).

Intimacy in your relationship will heighten the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of love. Your sexual experiences will be even juicier, bringing out feelings that transcend you to another time/space reality. The sex you have with the person you love will be orgasmic and last—it’s not momentary pleasure, but true joy that grows the love you share and develops your relationship.

You can enjoy this type of intimacy in your relationship, but you have to trust the universe and believe that whatever you’re seeking, you will find. You also have to be willing to give something up to experience the type of love that grows and lasts. You must be willing to go through some tough lessons and you willing to let go of the past so you can make room for the future.

The Ten of Cups Tarot Card and Your Relationships

Ten of Cups is a very popular card when it comes to love and relationships. This tarot card reveals contentment, harmony, joy, domestic bliss, and satisfaction in all areas of your love life. This card symbolises people living harmoniously with each other, sharing similar values, and vibrating on the same frequency. Ten of Cups symbolises everything love that we desire and aspire to, which in this case, is true love and deep companionship.

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