What Are Fifth Dimensional Relationships?

Fifth Dimensional Relationships Explained

Fifth dimensional relationships are nourishing, healing, sustainable, and they’re continuously growing while both souls are evolving. These relationships allow you to bring the very best of yourself to the relationship, where you’re able to be the gift that you want to receive. Your fifth dimensional partner is part of your soul family lineage. You have the family you were born into, but you also have a soul family that understands you and loves you just for being you. You don’t have to explain yourself, change, or try to fit into someone’s mould of what you should be, instead, you allow each other to be. In the fifth dimensional relationship haven, you don’t have to change yourself—there’s no control and there’s no confinement of the soul. Your soul feels at home in this loving environment.

Fifth Dimensional Relationships Vs Third Dimensional Relationships

Third dimensional relationships are often short-term, resulting in honeymoon pleasure but long-term suffering. This isn’t because people are mean, but because they haven’t been taught about how relationships work. Relationship’s that are first born on the spiritual realm come fully loaded with a wisdom that guides you, teaching you how to maintain, sustain, and nourish what you and your partner have built.

Third dimensional love is best described as egoic love, which is all about ‘me,’ not about ‘we.’ In third dimensional relationships, couples see themselves from the physical aspect, which is finite and needy. Fifth dimensional couples see themselves as powerful spiritual beings, offering the very best of themselves.

Ego intimacy in the third dimension is fleeting and can easily go wrong because the ego is easily offended. If you’re experiencing issues in your relationship, you might need to take time out and heal.

A soul connection in the fifth dimension is very different, allowing people to be aligned soul to soul as there’s a spiritual awareness between them.  Fifth dimensional couples feel like two bodies sharing one soul, so they are always asking, ‘What can I give to my other half?’ Rather than asking, ‘What can you do for me?’  This is known as a spiritual connection between two souls rather than an emotional addiction between two egos.

Fifth dimensional relationships are creative; these couples are always thinking outside the box, and they have full control of their mind. The mind doesn’t get in the way, so they’re free to express everything from the soul. Fifth dimensional couples are not afraid to speak their truth in a loving way because they’re coming from a higher frequency. Everything fifth dimensional couples say can be received by the other in a way that’s fulfilling and nourishing for the soul.

Fifth dimensional love is all about loving the other as you love yourself, but first, you have to know how to truly love yourself.

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