What Is a Past Life Connection?

Past Life Connections Explained

A past life connection is when you meet someone who you once shared a relationship with in a previous life. This attraction is usually immediate, and you will feel an intense pull towards that person which evokes strong feelings—you might even have flashes, thoughts, and dreams that reveal your shared history.

What Are Ancient Soul Reunions?

You may have a soul mate bond with someone you’ve experienced several lifetimes with, allowing you to feel a deep/unconditional love for each other, regardless of any challenges you may be facing. You will aspire towards a shared soul purpose of awakening and supporting each other throughout your individual growth, whether you stay together or not.

You may have had loving/empowering relationships with someone in the past and have come together again to learn specific lessons or deal with specific challenges as a couple. You may not have a karmic lesson to overcome, but you may be a catalyst for soul or personal development. You may have reunited so you can develop certain traits, traits like courage or improved self-confidence. When you are drawn together due to a deeper/mutual recognition to resolve past karmic issues  because the soul has unfinished business, it can be a complex issue to deal with.

Although there may be an over-powering magnetic pull towards each other, there may also be a dangerous/ destructive force, obstructing two souls from experiencing a positive connection. This may occur if one or both parties have a lot of unresolved karmic issues that come with feelings of insecurity, and the other party might try to control and manipulate the other due to feelings of fear and instability.

You need to listen to your soul’s wisdom so you can get to the root of the situation between you and your partner.  Everything’s documented in your subconscious mind, irrational reactions, and destructive/negative behaviours are registered, waiting to be healed. If you don’t heal these old issues, a behavioural pattern will be created, which both you and your partner will continue to repeat until you’re ready to learn the lessons.

Irrational behaviours come alive when our worst fears are triggered in a relationship, which can be caused by a fear of abandonment, betrayal, infidelity or any other self-destructive emotional triggers. Until you heal these ancient emotional soul wounds, you will feel like you are going nowhere in your relationship. You may have the best of intentions, but always feel a sense of loss with nothing being accomplished, which leads you back to square one.

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Now’s the time to tap into the root of the problem by working with a spiritual healer who can help you to remove these tormenting soul wounds. By doing this, you can experience joy, peace, and happiness. When the lesions in your soul have been healed with the help of a good psychic, and the lessons learned can inherit the blessings you’ve always yearned for, you will be able to find what you’re looking for.

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