The Magnetic Attraction of Sexual Chemistry

What Is a Sexual Bond?

While sex can be enhanced and feel good after a fight, if you continue to have negative experiences in your relationship, it can be catastrophic to the heart and mind, leaving you in emotional turmoil. There’s no need for you to rely on the bad stuff so you can have amazing sex on the phone, so work with your partner to resolve your conflicts, get spiritual insights, and build empathy for the person you wish to spend your life with.

a sexual bond is full of passion, potent energy, and is strictly a sexual connection. The intensity of the sexual bond you have with someone can be influenced by both the positive and negative aspects of your relationship. Going through a continual rollercoaster ride of endless conflicts and reconciliations that conjure up heated emotions of lust, jealousy, anger, and confusion. Believe it or not, this type of connection can be transformed into a powerful/satisfying spiritual union.

Sexual Magnetism Explained

Sexual magnetism is a unique connection that’s fuelled primarily by a sexual force. When you experience a rush of lustful desire, those notions are triggered because you’re responding to a shared hypnotic mind energy or have similar tendencies or a mirrored emotional past. This mutual awareness can awaken desire and activate the brain, stimulating biological functions such as the release of hormones and sexual chemicals like oxytocin.

How Orgasms Affect Women

During an orgasm, many aspects of a woman’s brain is activated when different parts of her body are aroused. As many as 30 parts of her brain are stimulated, including those responsible for emotion, touch, joy, satisfaction and memory, which can lead to a woman falling in love very easily after sex.

It’s important for women to be mindful and selective about who they allow into their ‘sexual head space.’ If you’re a women who’s confused about a sexual connection or liaison you’re having with someone, meditate on it so you can figure out if this is what you really want for your life. By understanding who you are and creating a bond with your partner, you can transmute pure unadulterated lust into a type of soul trust, magical experience. With the guidance of the love gurus at Social Psychics, you will be empowered with the wisdom of sexual alchemy that emerges as spiritual harmony—you’ll no longer have to endure the bittersweet of chemical highs and lows.

For this to work, you need to be balanced from your head to your heart. You and your partner need to be aligned on all levels if you want to enjoy fulfilling intimate experiences spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

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