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Love is all in the mind

Love is all in the mind

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Your Relationship With Your Inner Soul Mate

When you love yourself, you create a blueprint for all your relationships.  Your blueprint is a legacy of all your thoughts, experiences, memories, beliefs, desires and fears, this blueprint is also known as your Auric field or Aura.

Your Auric field is your personal space; people will either gravitate towards you or be repelled by you.   Every experience you’ve ever had will be contained in your Auric Energy field.    This is the energy that psychics read when you have a Reading either with a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient or Clairsentient.   

To transform relationships and experience love, you must first start the journey by stepping into your powerful body-mind.

The body and mind are one; the body is the printout of what is going on in the mind.  


The Chakras

There are 7 different levels to our aura which contains information about every area of our lives.  

They are known as;


1. The base Chakra – (Red)

2. Splenic Chakra – (Orange)

3. Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow)

4. Heart Chakra (Green)

5. Throat Chakra (Blue)

6. Third Eye Chakra (Indigo)

7. Crown Chakra (Violet)


The Chakras all lead to our aura and provide information on different areas of our lives;

• Physical health

• Sexuality

• Subconscious fears

• Happy memories

• Inspirations 

• Beliefs

• Emotions 


So when you meet someone all this information is there floating around.  


Our Magnetic Thoughts

Our thoughts are magnetic and also reside in our auric field; they affect you and everyone around you.


How does the mind affect you and your significant other?

When you are in a relationship, you will connect to your partner via energy frequencies known as your thoughts and emotions.  The partner you attract and the love you experience will always match your most dominant thoughts and emotions.  

When two people come together they are like two universes either in conflict or in harmony with each other.  

Your thoughts and emotions are moving energy forces that will affect your relationship and your ability to give and experience love.  Remember the word Relationship  (relate-on-ship).   


So how are you relating to each other on this moving vehicle of thoughts & emotions?

If you both brought a lot of baggage from your previous relationships and encountered conflicting life experiences, have opposing thoughts and trigger each other emotionally then you are going to experience hell on earth in your relationship.  

However, if you clear your energy (auric field), before you embark on a new relationship and have positive thoughts about what you want from a new relationship, have reconciled and healed your past and have stable emotions; you are going to attract someone matching that vibration.  

Remember to get the most out of your mind power; you have to keep it clear.   Working with a psychic or spiritual counsellor/coach can help you to release the excess toxicity from past emotional baggage and have a powerful clear mind that will attract all you desire.

The important thing to remember is that everything starts with you.   You have an inner world that only you can access.   This inner world is where all your thoughts, emotions, beliefs reside and they affect every area of your life.  

If you want an attractive love-life, you have to have an attractive mind; a mind that will attract like a magnet and bring the love you desire to you.   

Be careful what you are downloading and storing in your mind about love and relationships, as whatever you focus on most of the time will start to become part of your life.   

Remember you do not attract what you want; you attract what you do most of the time, you attract more of what you already have and you attract who you are.   

The mind is habit-forming, so change your mind, attract more love and change your love-life.

Have Your Questions Answered Now Call 0906 581 5111

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Love is all in the mind Call 0906 581 5111

Enjoy A Cheaper Credit Card Reading Click Here For Answers

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