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What is an Affirmation?

Affirmation means to make firm.  

Affirmations are part of the programming in your subconscious mind that you play over and over again.  These affirmations are made up of your thoughts, beliefs, self talk that you repeat consistently.   

We may affirm subconsciously things that we fear, love, hate or desire.  We make the same statements again and again until they become manifested as circumstances in our lives.  

You have a powerful computer between your ears called the subconscious mind and it is consuming everything you say to yourself, everything you hear others say about you and what you believe about yourself and your global beliefs about the world.  

If you find that you are having negative experiences in your life and if your thoughts and words are negative you should speak to one of our Trusted Psychics who can help you transform your internal language pattern that will enable you to manifest your desires.  

The Law of Affirmation (yes it is a Spiritual Law) is one of the Higher Awareness Spiritual Laws.  Your thoughts and words create your life.  

The old saying about ‘sticks and stones...........and words can never harm me’ is not true, words can be very harmful to your life, if you believe those words and don’t know how to use words to create inner harmony.  When you create inner harmony, your outer world is transformed into a world that is filled with joy, peace, happiness and all that you desire for your life. 

You have one mind which has three compartments (for want of a better word), the Conscious, Sub-conscious and Super-conscious.  Psychic Coaches and Trusted Psychics work with the Subconscious aspect of your mind.  They work on helping you to look at what’s been planted in your subconscious and give you guidance on how to delete it.  


Brief Explanation on the three aspects of mind

• Conscious Mind is the aspect of mind that judges/discriminates, chooses and holds your dreams and desires.  This aspect of mind is more limited in its capacity to hold memory.  

• The Sub-Conscious mind is massive and holds all your memories good and bad and is like a camera that films and records everything.  It is like having a permanent camera recording everything that has ever happened to you and around you.  (Hence the reason for the conscious mind discriminating, you cannot possible hold all this data in the conscious mind).  The Sub-conscious mind also holds our doubts, fears, what we love/hate, our beliefs, deepest thoughts, and emotions.  

• Super-conscious mind is potential that lies within us. This is pure Spirit. It is linked to the Conscious mind but has to pass through the gate-keeper the Sub-conscious mind to send our dreams, goals and wishes through to the Conscious mind. 

From the age of one to seven, your mind is soaking up information that is going to create the foundation for your later life.  

If throughout your life, you were put down and told ‘that you were not good enough’, it would get filed into your subconscious mind and act as a virus attacking your ability to manifest your dreams, goals and wishes.  

Remember whatever you hold true in your Sub-conscious mind will manifest for you.

It is so important to remember that you become what you think about most of time.  It does not matter that you meditate daily first thing in the morning, if you affirm negative things about yourself and others you will create negative experiences for your life.

If you are encountering ‘bad luck’ in your life a Reading with our Trusted Psychics could help you delete those ‘virus affirmations’ and help you manifest the desires of your heart.  

You would have to learn a new positive language that heals and empowers you.  The words you would speak to yourself would be expansive not narrow and negative.  

When scolding small children we don’t say ‘you are naughty’ we say the behaviour is naughty and add powerful software to the child’s subconscious mind that is positive and empowering such as ‘I love when you play nicely.’  This type of language will definitely allow the child to manifest a much better future.  

Thoughts become words, words become action and every action has an outcome – you decide whether it is good or bad. Trusted Psychics can help you clean up your affirmations and create the life you dream of.   


Have Your Questions Answered Now Call 0906 581 5111

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Enjoy A Cheaper Credit Card Reading Click Here For Answers

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