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Social Psychics is bringing you a new concept for psychic and tarot readings. Interact here with your favourite readers with live updates and personally written spiritual blogs. We are social, we are personal but above all we have a team of the most fantastic readers who will professionally provide you with a spot on reading that will answer your most burning questions. Perhaps you are stressed or your love life is spiralling out of control? Maybe you need a friendly ear that can give you psychic advice without judgement? Whatever issue you are facing or whichever type of reading that you request, here at Social Psychics we have it covered. Call us today for a Cheap Psychic, Tarot, Angel or Medium reading from the comfort of your own home with professional readers who are ready to assist you.

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Amazing Star Sign Predictions

17th October 2017 by Social Psychics

Come and chat to a horoscopes expert on the phone today during your very own detailed horoscope readings. How interesting would it be to find out about the things to come and who you are all because of the day you were born. Our UK psychic horoscopes phone service is right h...

Love And Relationship Psychics Online

17th October 2017 by Social Psychics

Our love and relationship psychics online are sitting by their phones to take your calls today, come and call our cheap UK psychic love phone service right now and treat yourself to the most amazing, heart warming true love psychic reading ever. Our team of amazing psychic r...

Superb Psychic Tarot Readers

17th October 2017 by Social Psychics

Call our cheap UK psychic tarot phone lines right now for your very own affordable tarot card readings with our amazingly superb psychic tarot readers. You can sit back and enjoy the most interesting, detailed tarot card readings from our team of highly talented psychic read...

Affordable Psychic Readers

17th October 2017 by Social Psychics

Our wonderful team of affordable psychic readers are right here at our UK cheapest psychics phone service to give you the most amazingly detailed psychic information and powerful psychic connections ever. Call our team of incredible psychic readers online right now to see wh...

Gifted Empathic Psychic Clairvoyants

17th October 2017 by Social Psychics

Call one of our amazing empathic clairvoyants today to get all of your questions answered and so much more by our amazing team of gifted empathic psychic clairvoyants. Phone a clairvoyant right now to find out everything you need to know about your life, your future and ever...

DEATH XIII – Tarot Card of The day

28th April 2016 by Kia (4195)

This blog is to help eliminate the dread and the fear of the DEATH card. People are usually frightened to death when they see the DEATH card show up in a Reading. It doesn’t help that the image on the card is pretty grim. Now the DEATH Card does not mean someone is goi...

Your Destiny is in your Soul’s Scrolls

28th April 2016 by Sabrina (4085)

Life follows you; life does not happen to you. You are in control of your Energy Field. How you FEEL on a daily basis is what lies in your FIELD of energy. Everything that has ‘happened’ to you has not been an accident. You have been attracting everything based on wh...

Love Doctor on Line Prescribes A New Life

28th April 2016 by Tricia (1325)

We have LOVE DOCTORS ONLINE who specialise in LOVE & RELATIONSHIP Readings. They will help you find love that will give you that soul togetherness & mental electrifying affinity. You will feel like you are One Soul in two bodies enjoying physical, emotional mental and sp...


23rd April 2016 by John (1939)

Intimacy is the imminence that comes from sharing love and all that you have to give. This is about being open and revealing all of you not being afraid to show ‘warts and all’....

The Tower Card XVI

23rd April 2016 by Esmeralda (1716)

This card reveals old worn out structures, you may have to remove some things or people from your life. Don’t be afraid of going into the unknown it is potent with all that you need. Everything you have now came from the unknown including all future acquisitions. ...

The Hermit Card IX

22nd April 2016 by Danielle (1732)

Are you experiencing a Hermit time in your life right now. Do you feel that you need to withdraw from the outside world in order to reflect and connect with your inner wisdom?...

The Devil Card XV

22nd April 2016 by David (3244)

Whenever the Devil card appears in the Tarot people get very uncomfortable. When the Devil shows up in a Reading it is really asking you to re-evaluate your relationship with the material things in this world that keeps you bound....

Why Have A Career Reading?

7th April 2016 by Rachel (1449)

Every person on the planet has a purpose and each person is gifted with innate skills and abilities that they may or may not know about. Life is constantly opening you up to your gifts through your life experiences and even the challenges you face. Sometimes after enduring...

Why should you have a Psychic Love Reading?

7th April 2016 by Hashim (3065)

A Psychic Love Advice Reading is a prescription for your love life. It is not always easy to see what’s going on when you are swimming in a sea of emotions. Even if all is well in your world, you may have feelings that you are unable to detect and you may be picking up t...

The Law of Attraction and Relationships

5th April 2016 by Rachel (1449)

Law of attraction is one of the basic laws of the universe but a very important law. This law holds everything together. Without it there would be no world, no people, absolutely nothing....

The Law of Gratitude – the Gateway to more blessings

5th April 2016 by Neil (2480)

When you give thanks from your heart you are practicing the law of Gratitude. Energy flows from your heart and you ignite empathetic responses from others as well as the Universe....


4th April 2016 by Lucy (8061)

Affirmations are part of the programming in your subconscious mind that you play over and over again. These affirmations are made up of your thoughts, beliefs, self talk that you repeat consistently....

The Magical Recipe of Love!

4th April 2016 by Liza (3812)

What is your magical recipe for love? Do you need lots of presents or endless hugs? Do you need to be adored every minute, every hour or are you independent and enjoying girl power?...

Magnetic Attraction of Sexual Chemistry

4th April 2016 by Christina (4203)

The sexual bond is full of passion and potent energy and is strictly a sexual connection. You may have gone through the negative effects of this union – the continual rollercoaster ride of endless conflicts and reconciliations that conjures up heated emotions of lust and ...

Mind to Mind Relationships (Electrifying affinity of a mental rapport)

4th April 2016 by Lucy (8061)

A mind to mind relationship is full of mental orgasm. Both parties feeling exhilarated and stimulated by the other’s shared ideas and love for mental gourmet feasts with compendium mind tease....

Activity Feed

  • Profile Photo 2951

    Lee (2951) received a new review 3 hours ago


    "Second reading with Lee, Top Girl. I must say you are very hard to get hold of. Keep up the good work"

    By Dan the man, UK

  • Profile Photo 7522

    Mandy (7522) received a new review 3 hours ago


    "Worth the wait to catch you available. So in-depth and concise. Best reading ever! Thank you so much Mandy you have helped me so much x "

    By M, UK

  • Profile Photo 2451

    Psychic Sara (2451) received a new review 3 hours ago

    Readin 16 th Jan 2018

    "Oh my god ! This lady is proper amazin ! First reading with her def won't be last ! Got me n situation down to a tee ! Even got second situation without me sayin anything bout it !!! Amazing "

    By Carol, Notts uk

  • Profile Photo 1581

    Caton (1581) received a new review 3 hours ago

    True Empath

    "Has a genuine connection with Spirit and sees exactly what is happening around the subject of your call . I spoke to him two weeks ago and he was consistant and as precise as he was previously . Wonderfully accurate no showmanship or self opinionated . Thankyou kind soul for your truth . Helena 16.01.18"

    By Helena, North East UK

  • Profile Photo 4414

    Joanne (4414) received a new review 3 hours ago

    very good

    "to the point "

    By sam, uk

  • Profile Photo 1085

    Demi (1085) received a new review 3 hours ago

    Top rate reader

    "Demi is a wonderful reader & psychic. All I can say is wow! She always picks up on my situations and delivers her news in a caring, compassionate way although she is direct she never says anything to upset me. She gives very clear and precise details and her advise has never let me down. She is the only reader I know that doesn’t bring her opinions into the readings unless you ask her and she never judges whatever the situation is. One in a million. She shines very bright in my world. "

    By John, Northern Ireland

  • Profile Photo 3447

    Ronnie (3447) received a new review 3 hours ago

    Thank you

    "Ronnie was lovely and very helpful with my situation I look forward to seeing you predictions come to "

    By ,

  • Profile Photo 2012

    Melissa Psychic (2012) received a new review 3 hours ago

    Melissa gave me reassurance

    "Melissa gave me a reading regarding a current relationship, she is warm and understanding. She picked up the issues I was having very quickly and gave me reassurance that things are looking up thank you."

    By Lydia, London

  • Profile Photo 1902

    Vintage Rose (1902) received a new review 3 hours ago

    Quick, accurate

    "Picked up on the situation, which is quite complicated. Gave accurate insight and future likley outcomes. Too early to tell on predictions but because the rest was accurate, I feel they are as well."

    By Wini, UK

  • Profile Photo 2591

    Charlie (2591) received a new review 3 hours ago


    "I got Charlie by chance and i am really glad i did. She got my situation perfectly without any information at all, picked up on the man in my life perfectly, his character, our history and our present situation. I am waiting to see if her predictions come true and will post again. "

    By Sarah , London

  • Profile Photo 2012

    Melissa Psychic (2012) received a new review 3 hours ago

    Melissa picked up everything.

    "Amazing Melissa picked up on all of my feeling and emotions, I was shocked of everything she picked up highly recommended and I will be back. x"

    By Leanne, Scotland

  • Profile Photo 4362

    Helen (4362) received a new review 3 hours ago

    Thank you xxxx

    "A true spirit guide xxx"

    By Jo, North

  • Profile Photo 4413

    Dee Dee (4413) received a new review 3 hours ago


    "Sorry for the 3 but i felt although a lovely reading and could relate to it it took too much and too long to say too little. Ive still no outcome ...."

    By S, ..

  • Profile Photo 1476

    Sarah-Louise (1476) received a new review 3 hours ago

    Amazing resder

    "Was amazing Helped me with my situation "

    By Dena, Australia

  • Profile Photo 1830

    Wendy (1830) received a new review 3 hours ago


    "Wendy is a amazing reader and healer gave me a distant healing worked very well have a great connection with this lady highly recommend xxx"

    By Kelly, Kent

  • Profile Photo 3433

    Fatima (3433) received a new review 3 hours ago

    Amazing the best ever

    "There are some really good readers on here but this is by the for the best reader I have ever come across. Love here style of reading. No questions. Tuned in immediately gave 100% accurate information. Doesn't keep you on the phone longer than needed. Lovedette every minute "

    By ,

  • Profile Photo 3331

    Rian (3331) received a new review 3 hours ago

    wow spot on

    "Not my first reading with Rian and won't be last she is an excellent reader who works in a spiritual loving and honest way. She is one of the best. Thanks Rian"

    By fran, somerset

  • Profile Photo 3157

    Zara (3157) received a new review 3 hours ago


    "I’ll shuffle the cards, tell me when to stop. No shuffling. When I said stop she immediately started telling me Life was difficult at the mo. Didn’t even pretend to lay out a spread. I put the phone down......"

    By Tracie, Uk

  • Profile Photo 2951

    Lee (2951) received a new review 22 hours ago

    Thank you

    "5 stars all the way hun"

    By Elaine , USA

  • Profile Photo 1659

    Rebecca (1659) received a new review 22 hours ago


    "I had a great reading earlier with Rebecca. I just wanted to say thank you and I will let you know how I get on in 8-9 weeks time when your predictions hopefully start unfolding. T "

    By Tara, Sussex

  • Profile Photo 5573

    PHOENIX (5573) received a new review 22 hours ago

    Phoenix, you're very special!

    "Thank you so much for the wonderful reading today. You were so accurate in everything you said. I've asked for a general reading but you knew what brought me to you. Your reading is so uplifting, insightful and empowering that 4 months seems just around the corner. You will surely hear from me soon. Many thanks and God bless you and your amazing psychic skills/gift."

    By A, London

  • Profile Photo 4553

    Lilly (4553) received a new review 22 hours ago

    My Ex the Virgo

    "I have been reading with Lily for almost a year and she has been consistently accurate in her readings. I haven't spoken to her since October and she remembered without telling her that my ex was a virgo!!! I couldn't believe it, she also named some other things I didn't think she would remember but she did. Her readings have been consistent with the other top readers on here and she gives a great amount of accurate details. So refreshing ! "

    By T.,

  • Profile Photo 3785

    Susie (3785) received a new review 22 hours ago

    Spot on

    "Great reading, Susie picked up on matters most others haven’t, and that’s without prompting. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds. Thanks Susie x"

    By ,

  • Profile Photo 1267

    Jackie (1267) received a new review 22 hours ago

    Nice lady good reader

    "Thank you Jackie I only had 7 mins credit, but I will come back in the future. Was really impressed with your reading even though at 6.30 in morning you gave me a shocker. You gave me a lot in 7 mins more than what some readers do in 20. thanks x"

    By ,

  • Profile Photo 1548

    Margo (1548) received a new review 22 hours ago

    Very honest

    "Great, honest reading. I hope it pans out well. "

    By Inzy, Sydney

  • Profile Photo 2453

    Muria Rose (2453) received a new review 22 hours ago

    Wow Wow Wow

    "Spoke to you yesterday Muria and you absolutely blew me away and gave me such a warm and in depth reading.The information flowed and flowed and you left no stone unturned. I didnt have to tell you anything, you saw it all ! Im the lady who told you she was seeing Robins all the time and you told me this was sign. You also reassured me that my man was coming back and not to give up hope...... I look forward to my predictions coming true and you have give me faith they will xx Thank you so much for such a beautiful reading xx"

    By L from London, London

  • Profile Photo 1266

    Labihah (1266) received a new review 22 hours ago

    "Loved her, she has picked up on all sort of issues I was having in my life. Didn't want to finish talking with her. Amazing "

    By ,

  • Profile Photo 2801

    Jeff Sinclair (2801) received a new review 22 hours ago

    Great Guy

    "What a great reading from a really good psychic. Spot on and truth will call again thanks Jeff"

    By Jareece, Wakefield

  • Profile Photo 2451

    Psychic Sara (2451) received a new review 22 hours ago

    Amazing each time!

    "Thankyou Sara Time ran out but you once again restored my strength faith and trust!! I will keep you posted! X"

    By Deb, Alice Springs Australia

  • Profile Photo 1228

    Julia (1228) received a new review 22 hours ago

    " Very encouraging. Calmed me which needed. Not just an excellent reader but a lovely lady. Asked no questions. Look forward to predictions. Will be back"

    By Mary, Uk

  • Profile Photo 3610

    Trinity (3610) received a new review 16:55 15th January

    Accurate as usual

    "About to say thank u b4 the line gets disconnected but sadly I was too slow but Thank you Trinity. Always accurate and ur the best!"

    By Vivienne, NSW

  • Profile Photo 3288

    Omsa (3288) received a new review 16:55 15th January

    Great reading

    "Cant thank you enough, just so reassuring and positive reading i had today, would recommend him , beautiful soul and so uplifting that as reading ended had three feathers fall in to my garden , juat goes to show how someone can make you feel so good and he told me that i was going in the right direction."

    By Anonymous , Wales

  • Profile Photo 2774

    Eileen (2774) received a new review 10:50 15th January

    Prediction came true!

    "Had a further reading with Eileen today around a chance encounter that would turn into something more. She had confirmed it was a love connection. Turns out that it may well be given today's reading, he has truly come back. Thank you Eileen you are definitely the real deal. K "

    By K, UK

  • Profile Photo 2199

    Jonathan (2199) received a new review 10:50 15th January

    So grateful!

    "Thankyou John You listen and guide. So accurate and positive. Keep you posted. "

    By Deb, Alice Springs

  • Profile Photo 2624

    Purple Star (2624) received a new review 10:02 15th January

    Real Reader

    "Lovely lady, good reader and she deserves 5 stars. Would return and thank you x"

    By , Scotland

  • Profile Photo 2012

    Thank you

    "I had a reading from Melissa and she was able to pick up on my situation very easily. I now have hope for my future and want to thank you very much for my reading."

    By Michelle, Wales

  • Profile Photo 1894

    Guy (1894) received a new review 10:02 15th January

    Great information regarding relationship

    "Just wanted to say I’m sorry we got cut off. My minutes run out but thank you so much for my in-depth reading it was amazing and you was so spot on about everything I hope your prediction does come true and I can’t wait to speak to you again about everything thank you again xxx"

    By Nic, London

  • Profile Photo 1085

    Demi (1085) received a new review 10:02 15th January


    "Fabulous reader. Straight to the point. Perfect information. Doesn’t waffle. Very sincere. Thank you "

    By Danni, Sydney Australia

  • Profile Photo 4626

    Madeline (4626) received a new review 10:02 15th January


    "I was blown away by the details that Madeline was able to give. It is so hard to get to speak to her again I have tried for the past two weeks. Its a shame you cannot schedule or book calls! Madeine please be free so I can call you x"

    By Anonymous , West Midlands

  • Profile Photo 3405

    Leah (3405) received a new review 10:02 15th January

    2nd reading very positive

    "Looking forward to the near future for the unfolding on the perdition "

    By A, Australia

  • Profile Photo 1109

    Cheryl (1109) received a new review 10:02 15th January

    Amazing feedback

    "I had a reading with Cheryl 10 days ago, already things are turning around just as Cheryl predicted. I am totally amazed right now I had no idea that you psychics were so spot on. Thank you Cheryl & I hope your light continues to shine. Wes x"

    By Wes, United Kingdom

  • Profile Photo 1707

    Abbey (1707) received a new review 10:02 15th January

    "ace on point"

    By ,

  • Profile Photo 6075

    Lisa (6075) received a new review 10:02 15th January


    "Hi Lisa... You are a wonderful psychic just got cut off but we had been talking for so long i kept topping up.. thank you I appreciate everything you said and you made me feel so good ..god bless you lovely psychic i will let you know what happens next.. in the meantime i will keep dancing!!! Namaste "

    By Michelle , Essex

  • Profile Photo 2998

    Susanna (2998) received a new review 10:02 15th January


    "Susanna, thank you ever so much for your advice and guidance, without any prompting or help this lady explained my situation exactly, very gifted, like everyone has said wow and amazing. Thank you Love and Light"

    By simon,

  • Profile Photo 1445

    Anubis (1445) received a new review 10:02 15th January

    Great again

    "This lovely lady is lovely "

    By ,

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