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Social Psychics is bringing you a new concept for psychic and tarot readings. Interact here with your favourite readers with live updates and personally written spiritual blogs. We are social, we are personal but above all we have a team of the most fantastic readers who will professionally provide you with a spot on reading that will answer your most burning questions. Perhaps you are stressed or your love life is spiralling out of control? Maybe you need a friendly ear that can give you psychic advice without judgement? Whatever issue you are facing or whichever type of reading that you request, here at Social Psychics we have it covered. Call us today for a Cheap Psychic, Tarot, Angel or Medium reading from the comfort of your own home with professional readers who are ready to assist you.

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The Best Tool ever - The Law of Attraction

5th March 2018 by Natasha (3548)

Before studying the Law of Attraction, I thought it was a load of hocus pocus. There was no way that some thoughts could get me what I wanted, or so I thought. Learning the Law of Attraction was a glorious journey for me, it taught me so much, it opened my spiritual awarenes...

What is a Medium reading?

2nd March 2018 by Jasmin (1678)

Often, we have customers who come and ask us, what is a Medium Reading? As we have such a wealth of different types of Psychic and Medium readers available here at Social Psychics, it can perhaps sometimes feel a little overwhelming to work out what one Psychic or Medium can...

How Psychic readings helped me

1st March 2018 by Heidi (3016)

We asked a few of our valuable customers to take a little time and let us know how their one to one psychic tarot reading sessions have helped them in their day to day lives by leaving us a little feedback.........

Finding Love With Psychic Guidance

26th February 2018 by Tobias (3297)

Everyone has a soul mate, it's just a matter of finding them, maybe their right under your nose, and you haven't realized, or maybe you know where your soul mate is and you want to find out when they will be with you. The soul mate connection is the most amazing connection y...

Leading UK Psychic Mediums

17th October 2017 by Social Psychics

Phone a leading psychic medium today and see what our incredible leading UK psychic mediums can do for you, right now at our hugely popular and successful cheap medium phone lines! Our mediums online are here for you today, to give you a wonderful, spiritual reading on our c...

Amazing Star Sign Predictions

17th October 2017 by Social Psychics

Come and chat to a horoscopes expert on the phone today during your very own detailed horoscope readings. How interesting would it be to find out about the things to come and who you are all because of the day you were born. Our UK psychic horoscopes phone service is right h...

Love And Relationship Psychics Online

17th October 2017 by Social Psychics

Our love and relationship psychics online are sitting by their phones to take your calls today, come and call our cheap UK psychic love phone service right now and treat yourself to the most amazing, heart warming true love psychic reading ever. Our team of amazing psychic r...

Superb Psychic Tarot Readers

17th October 2017 by Social Psychics

Call our cheap UK psychic tarot phone lines right now for your very own affordable tarot card readings with our amazingly superb psychic tarot readers. You can sit back and enjoy the most interesting, detailed tarot card readings from our team of highly talented psychic read...

Affordable Psychic Readers

17th October 2017 by Social Psychics

Our wonderful team of affordable psychic readers are right here at our UK cheapest psychics phone service to give you the most amazingly detailed psychic information and powerful psychic connections ever. Call our team of incredible psychic readers online right now to see wh...

Gifted Empathic Psychic Clairvoyants

17th October 2017 by Social Psychics

Call one of our amazing empathic clairvoyants today to get all of your questions answered and so much more by our amazing team of gifted empathic psychic clairvoyants. Phone a clairvoyant right now to find out everything you need to know about your life, your future and ever...

DEATH XIII – Tarot Card of The day

28th April 2016 by Kia (4195)

This blog is to help eliminate the dread and the fear of the DEATH card. People are usually frightened to death when they see the DEATH card show up in a Reading. It doesn’t help that the image on the card is pretty grim. Now the DEATH Card does not mean someone is goi...

Your Destiny is in your Soul’s Scrolls

28th April 2016 by Sabrina (4085)

Life follows you; life does not happen to you. You are in control of your Energy Field. How you FEEL on a daily basis is what lies in your FIELD of energy. Everything that has ‘happened’ to you has not been an accident. You have been attracting everything based on wh...

Love Doctor on Line Prescribes A New Life

28th April 2016 by Tricia (1325)

We have LOVE DOCTORS ONLINE who specialise in LOVE & RELATIONSHIP Readings. They will help you find love that will give you that soul togetherness & mental electrifying affinity. You will feel like you are One Soul in two bodies enjoying physical, emotional mental and sp...


23rd April 2016 by John (1939)

Intimacy is the imminence that comes from sharing love and all that you have to give. This is about being open and revealing all of you not being afraid to show ‘warts and all’....

The Tower Card XVI

23rd April 2016 by Esmeralda (1716)

This card reveals old worn out structures, you may have to remove some things or people from your life. Don’t be afraid of going into the unknown it is potent with all that you need. Everything you have now came from the unknown including all future acquisitions. ...

The Hermit Card IX

22nd April 2016 by Danielle (1732)

Are you experiencing a Hermit time in your life right now. Do you feel that you need to withdraw from the outside world in order to reflect and connect with your inner wisdom?...

The Devil Card XV

22nd April 2016 by David (3244)

Whenever the Devil card appears in the Tarot people get very uncomfortable. When the Devil shows up in a Reading it is really asking you to re-evaluate your relationship with the material things in this world that keeps you bound....

Why Have A Career Reading?

7th April 2016 by Rachel (1449)

Every person on the planet has a purpose and each person is gifted with innate skills and abilities that they may or may not know about. Life is constantly opening you up to your gifts through your life experiences and even the challenges you face. Sometimes after enduring...

Why should you have a Psychic Love Reading?

7th April 2016 by Hashim (3065)

A Psychic Love Advice Reading is a prescription for your love life. It is not always easy to see what’s going on when you are swimming in a sea of emotions. Even if all is well in your world, you may have feelings that you are unable to detect and you may be picking up t...

Activity Feed

  • Profile Photo 4651

    Carmel (4651) received a new review 11:38 15th March


    "Am so sorry, my phone died. Carmel was so accurate and compassionate about my situation. She has a true heart of gold. Am very blessed to have had a reading by her xx"

    By Kristina , Australia

  • Profile Photo 1915

    Jayne (1915) received a new review 11:38 15th March


    "Fantastic reading. Gave me the strength i needed to continue on with the situation. "

    By Kristina , Australia

  • Profile Photo 1113

    Elvina (1113) received a new review 11:38 15th March

    Fantastic reading

    "It was awesome to speak with Elvina. She had a lot of impressive validations; a really good psychic. I recommend her highly. Thanks to you Elvina and speak soon. "

    By ,

  • Profile Photo 7522

    Mandy (7522) received a new review 11:38 15th March

    Thank you

    "Mandy, I just want to send a heartfelt thank you for your time today. It was amazing to get validation after validation from you. As you know it's hard to read yourself and you confirmed what I felt. I will definitely speak to you again. Special reader "

    By Simone, Uk

  • Profile Photo 2582

    Julie (2582) received a new review 11:38 15th March


    "Wow Julie you brought my ex husband through who passed away last May ... I was gobsmacked and wasn’t expecting it .. it was comforting and brought me to tears to know he was ok now after a very long illness ..and even though he had remarried I still cared for him as he is the father of my son .. Thank you Julie you are amazing .. LA "

    By Lesley, Uk

  • Profile Photo 3466

    Nora (3466) received a new review 11:38 15th March

    Thank you

    "True Psychic, beautiful reading and lovely lady. Been trying to contact her for a while so worth the wait. Thank you x"

    By Belinda,

  • Profile Photo 1375

    Edwin (1375) received a new review 11:38 15th March


    "Edwin was fantastic to talk to, he picked up on my situation and offered a lot of guidance. I spent an hour on the phone with Edwin and he was so patient with me. I’m hoping he is right and my special someone will come back. Give Edwin a chance to read for you and I promise you won’t be disappointed. I will put another review when his predictions come to pass. "

    By SC, Australia

  • Profile Photo 3548

    Natasha (3548) received a new review 11:38 15th March

    Very Gifted and Insightful

    "Natasha is a wonderful psychic she connected to me straightaway. she gave me a very deep reading on my situation . she also predicted situations which came to pass. I am very grateful to her and looking forward to always consulting her on my future situations . Thanks once gain"

    By Amanda Roberts, essex

  • Profile Photo 3123

    Maya (3123) received a new review 11:38 15th March


    "Sorry we got cut off. It was a great reading. Thank you x"

    By k, uk

  • Profile Photo 1915

    Jayne (1915) received a new review 11:38 15th March

    Very good

    "Jayne got to the point quickly and picke dup on me and my problem. Very nice lady and really good, thanks."

    By eve, northampton

  • Profile Photo 3548

    Natasha (3548) received a new review 11:38 15th March

    helpful psychic

    "she is an amazing reader helpful at all times , she has got a very soothing and calming voice which made me feel at ease during the reading . thank you Natasha you are absolutely brilliant. "

    By kate peterson, essex

  • Profile Photo 2890

    Michelle (2890) received a new review 11:38 15th March

    "Lovely reading "

    By ,

  • Profile Photo 2624

    Purple Star (2624) received a new review 11:38 15th March

    Thank You :)

    "thank you Purple Star for your reading today, you truly are amazing and just a beautiful person to speak to. You were accurate about it all without prompting, you just reeled out the information to me to a tee. Thank you for making me feel at ease...XX"

    By Sonia, Australia

  • Profile Photo 2544

    Janet (2544) received a new review 11:38 15th March

    Thank you

    "What an amazing reading. She doesn't keep you long on the phone and goes straight to the point without questions! I am sorry i got cut off and couldn't say how thankful I am. Xx "

    By Diamond, London

  • Profile Photo 2998

    Susanna (2998) received a new review 11:38 15th March


    "Susanne is one of the most caring and brill readers i have spoke to very consistant and always spot on thanks hun keep up awesome work i b back to update xxxxxx AAAAA++++++++"

    By Vicky,

  • Profile Photo 3431

    Sadie (3431) received a new review 11:38 15th March

    Thank You :)

    "Hi Sadie, I don't know how you do what you do but you are by far truly amazing! How did you pick up on the date of my anniversary is just beyond me. Unless you're living with me or something.. haha... You picked up so much more and just blew me away with your accuracy. Your warmth, guidance and your pure beautiful soul made me feel so much better about my situation and I have the utmost faith. Thank you so much for being there for me and just listening. I appreciate your readings from my heart and soul and I'll be sure to be in touch you with..XX"

    By Sonia, Australia

  • Profile Photo 2544

    Janet (2544) received a new review 11:38 15th March

    "I had a reading with Janet early this morning, I asked for a general reading and she mentioned an extra sum of money will be coming my way. When I got to work I got a letter sayig I got a pay rise and a bonus which I was not expecting at all. The rest of the reading she was spot on with her validations and I have hope for the predictions she told me as not even a couple of hours after my reading one had come to light."

    By ,

  • Profile Photo 2932

    Kathy (2932) received a new review 11:38 15th March


    "Kathy was such a lovely lady and very easy to have a conversation with. She connected with My Mum and was spot on! A name that didn't make sense at the time of the call has clicked in now and I just wish it would have whilst I was talking to her because it would have been interesting! Thank you Kathy from the bottom of My heart, you have helped Me more than you could imagine!"

    By Kristine, Lancashire

  • Profile Photo 1311

    Taz (1311) received a new review 13:02 14th March


    "I rang and was quite distressed over a situation. Taz was able to give me great insight and clarity I needed. I would highly recommend her. Thankyou Taz you have a remarkable gift. Blessings to you xxx "

    By GG, Australia

  • Profile Photo 2932

    Kathy (2932) received a new review 13:02 14th March

    Great reading

    "Thank you for a great reading, full of details and accuracy, I look forward to seeing the results you have predicted in the net few weeks ***** 5 Star Reader *****"

    By Anon, London

  • Profile Photo 2453

    Muria Rose (2453) received a new review 13:02 14th March

    very good reading

    "in depth reading, very positive, thanks again!"

    By Ana, London

  • Profile Photo 3396

    Beverley (3396) received a new review 13:02 14th March


    "Pls get a reading from this lovely lady. She is very accurate on picking up current situation and people’s emotions. She is a fantastic reader. God bless"

    By Hana, Australia

  • Profile Photo 2745

    Trevor (2745) received a new review 13:02 14th March


    "Trevor is fantastic. He saw what was happening around me and gave me some excellent practical advice to help me through the situation. I will heed this advice and feel positive it is going to work. Thank you Trevor "

    By Karen ,

  • Profile Photo 2262

    Judy (2262) received a new review 13:02 14th March

    great connection

    "Many thanks for the very helpful reading which enables me to be prepared for what the future brings through. I am so hoping your prediction is on the nail -and I do have a strong feeling it will be. Many thanks.."

    By Lynda, Perth

  • Profile Photo 3073

    Tracy (3073) received a new review 13:02 14th March

    Lovely Lady, highly recommend

    "Tracy is a very warm, relaxed and honest reader. She was able to make a connection with me straight away...she is very calm and patient and was able to give me clarity on all the questions I asked her....Thanks so much Tracy and hope to speak with you again soon :)"

    By Emma, Perth, W.Australia

  • Profile Photo 1090

    Marie (1090) received a new review 13:02 14th March

    100% Accurate

    "I have just come off of the phone to Marie, she is the real deal. She does not lie and or sugarcoat anything, she is amazing and she will go a long way on this site. She is the best. Thank-you for an amazingly accurate reading Marie, your a star! "

    By Charlene, London

  • Profile Photo 1486

    Deborah (1486) received a new review 13:02 14th March

    Brilliant. And honest

    "A++++++++ Brilliant "

    By Tony j, Croydon

  • Profile Photo 3405

    Leah (3405) received a new review 13:02 14th March


    "I have just come off of the phone to Leah, she was absolutely amazing and picked up on my situation straight away. She was not only accurate but also gave clear and precise information and I just wanted to say that every minute of this reading is worth paying for. Thank-You Leah, ur a star! "

    By Charlene, London

  • Profile Photo 1213

    Alexandre (1213) received a new review 13:02 14th March

    Lovely :)

    "Great reading and lovely to speak to :) lots of love x"

    By Fi , Scotland

  • Profile Photo 3571

    Mehwish (3571) received a new review 13:02 14th March

    Spot on

    "A very knowledgeable lady and the taste reading was accurate thanks"

    By Jennifer, Melbourne

  • Profile Photo 3145

    Grace (3145) received a new review 13:02 14th March

    Good reading

    "Grace gave a very clear reading and was gentle and consideration in her reading and was not judgemental. I really appreciated your guidance grace. love & Light"

    By Toni, London

  • Profile Photo 1152

    Ken (1152) received a new review 13:02 14th March

    Charming Scottish accent!:-)

    "Ken is not only funny with very dry sense of humor but also very gentle and confident in what he says. Seemed to pick up all I already knew, but his clarity was well needed here. Sorry Ken for not saying thank you, my money ran out! x"

    By Zee , UK

  • Profile Photo 3805

    Meg (3805) received a new review 13:02 14th March

    Accurate, Friendly

    "Wow! I can't wait for my predictions to come true. I am sure they will happen as Betty told Meg. Worth every moment I've spent with you guys. Superfast connection, accurate, compassionate and non-judgemental reading. Thanks a million!"

    By J, England

  • Profile Photo 2028

    Laila Faris (2028) received a new review 13:02 14th March

    Brilliant Reader

    "Had an amazing reading with Laila. She is so upbeat and optimistic and a real pleasure to speak to. Would definitely recommend her. Thank you very much Laila, I look forward to speaking to you again soon x"

    By Kate, Liverpool

  • Profile Photo 3107

    Psychic Katie (3107) received a new review 13:02 14th March


    "made a fantastic connection with this lady, she picked up on my situation, very kind and companionate, very gifted lady Thank you, bless you in love and light"

    By simon, oman

  • Profile Photo 2544

    Janet (2544) received a new review 13:02 14th March

    Really amazing

    "One thing I like about Janet is she didn’t kept me too long on the phone! Straight to the point and she was accurate with the reading... "

    By G,

  • Profile Photo 2685

    Susan (2685) received a new review 13:02 14th March

    Predictions and simply outstanding

    "Thank you yet again Susan for an amazing reading this morning!! Prediction of me starting work 3rd week of March... well here it is!! Spot on! Her readings flow and information picked up by her is impossibly to know! Kind and beautiful hearted person! I have hard but great choices ahead and I cannot wait for these predictions to come to light. Life has just started to be kind to me and Susan you have been there for me throughout my hard times! Will never forget! Lots of love, always "

    By P, London

  • Profile Photo 1248

    Shirley Ann (1248) received a new review 13:02 14th March


    "amazing instant connection. i cannot wait for your prediction to come true. so reassuring, kind, calming and accurate. you are the real deal! thank you :)"

    By ,

  • Profile Photo 1659

    Rebecca (1659) received a new review 13:02 14th March

    Best reading

    "Hi Rebecca , thanks for confirming everything , I was having my doubts so I asked you to look into things , I didn’t give away what other readers have told me , but Rebecca told me the same out come but with more detail, so I am very happy , many thanks ."

    By Darren, Uk

  • Profile Photo 3001

    Diana (3001) received a new review 13:02 14th March

    A Gifted & Insightful Reader.

    "I spoke to this beautiful and gifted lady today, I mentioned the areas that I would like her to focus on. Diana and her guide then stated to go in to detail about my situation. The things being conveyed left me in no doubt that she is a very gifted and in-tune clairvoyant reader. "

    By Barr, London

  • Profile Photo 3805

    Meg (3805) received a new review 13:02 14th March

    Thank yiu

    "Great reading, straight into the issue, told me what was going on and to expect contact. Thank you both "

    By Claire, Edinburh

  • Profile Photo 2890

    Michelle (2890) received a new review 13:02 14th March


    "Great reader,accurate,funny and easy to talk to.Recommend her highly"

    By ,

  • Profile Photo 1074

    Sofia (1074) received a new review 13:02 14th March


    "I said nothing and she saw it all and was all correct - will now wIt for it to unfold thank you xx"

    By Anon, Midlands

  • Profile Photo 3033

    Gemma Rose (3033) received a new review 13:02 14th March

    quick attunement

    "hi gemma. after only 4 minutes of our phone call connection, my mobile phone decided to die. did try to call you back but i was connected to someone else. i was very impressed with your quick attunement. you were accurate and didn't need any other info from you. i will call again. all my love xxx"

    By ,

  • Profile Photo 1233

    April (1233) received a new review 13:02 14th March

    Great Reader

    "April needed no prompting, she was able to pick up on my situation very quickly. She predicted some of the same predictions as other top readers I have spoken to on here. She was able to pinpoint exactly how long I have been in a relationship and some things my partner stated to me. I will definitely call her again. "

    By T.,

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